OpenVSP 3.20.0 Released

OpenVSP 3.20 just in time for 2020! Start off the new year with a new version with one really cool feature (Smart Input) and a bunch of fixes.

Overall, this update is very small. It wouldn’t cause a .20 bump except that the new feature also adds a new library dependency and that warrants a little more attention.

You may be asking, “What is Smart Input?”. Input boxes (the white box with parameter values) are now smarter. They can now can do simple math (+-*/^).

Maybe you want to nudge a parameter by 0.375 — just click in the input box and put ‘+.375’ after the current value. Maybe you want to double something ‘*2’, increase by 10% ‘*1.1’, convert units on the fly ‘/2.54’. This is a really handy feature that will find many uses.

In addition to Smart Input, there are a handful of build fixes, code cleanups and improvements to the automation of the build process.


  • Smart Input for simple math in input boxes
  • API examples in documentation
  • Draw cg from mass prop screen
  • CEDIT improvements
  • Make wing section projected area an output Parm
  • Add get parent/child to API
  • Fix VSPAERO crash for Uber CRM example case
  • Lots of cleanups identified through static analysis
  • Travis deployment
  • Update Travis MacOS build to match release builds

Library Updates:

  • Include expparse simple expression parsing library

Bug Fixes:

  • Don’t crash structures STEP/IGES output when no structure defined
  • Parasite drag for identically named geoms
  • DegenGeom crash when subsurfaces extended beyond [0,1]
  • CEDIT fixes

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