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OpenVSP Ground School

This online tutorial program is designed to guide users of all experience levels though the Open Vehicle Sketch Pad parametric geometry design tool. The program provides video demonstrations of multiple concepts and features of OpenVSP and is intended to serve as a library of material for users to reference. Training files are also provided so you can follow along using the same models in the demonstrations.

OpenVSP Video Introduction

These videos have been replaced by the newer and more comprehensive OpenVSP Ground School (above). Please start your OpenVSP journey there.

The video tutorials below introduce a new user to Vehicle Sketch Pad. These videos were created by Brandon Litherland or Rob McDonald.


Getting Started

This video gets you started with OpenVSP. Starting from the website through download and running it for your first time.



The Menu Bar

This video walks you through a quick orientation of OpenVSP's main menu and what you can do from there.



Geometry Browser and Visualization Control

This video introduces the geometry browser and a number of model visualization options.



Blank Geometry Component

This video introduces the blank component used as a point mass or a coordinate system.



OpenVSP 3.2.0 Highlights

This video gives a quick overview of some of the new capabilities of OpenVSP 3.2.0.



VSPAERO Introduction and Demonstration

This video introduces VSPAERO, the new vortex lattice solver for OpenVSP. This doesn't get into the nitty-gritty of OpenVSP or VSPAERO, but gives a quick idea of how to get started using the OpenVSP GUI to set up, solve, and visualize a flow solution in VSPAERO.