OpenVSP 3.14.0 and 3.14.1 Released

Two servings of OpenVSP Pi on the same day!

It has been far too long since the last release. This started out small, but then had to wait for some things to finish. While waiting, it grew. Then it had to wait on something else — and it grew more. Now that it is finally out the door, it is no longer a small update.

Lots of great features and bug fixes in 3.14.0 for both VSPAERO and OpenVSP. Too many things to highlight just one or two. Download the latest, check out the release notes, and enjoy.

3.14.1 on the other hand is even more exciting and it contains just one thing – the long-awaited structures modeling and meshing capability. OpenVSP v2 had a structures layout capability that only worked for wings. That wasn’t brought forward to v3 because we’d learned enough from that and wanted to do it better.

Shout out to Justin Gravett who did most of the work to make this happen.

All the lessons from v2 wing structures have been applied and this new capability should be an exciting step forward. It supports all component types (including custom geoms). It supports multiple structures per model (and even multiple per geom). It supports many more structure parts – full-depth ribs/spars/bulkheads/frames/floors, zero-depth beam elements, key points, and pressure domes.

If you like structures, dive in.

The structures update is a huge set of changes that touches many parts of OpenVSP (including CFDMesh). Just in case it breaks something that usually works, we’ve separated the 3.14.0 and 3.14.1 releases. We encourage everyone to use 3.14.1 — but if something is broken that you need, you can try 3.14.0 to see if it works there.

This structures capability is a huge set of changes. It has been in the works for a long time and was previewed at the OpenVSP workshop. There are likely issues that we haven’t found. Help us make this the best we can.

OpenVSP 3.14.1 Features:

  • OpenVSP Structures Capability

OpenVSP 3.14.0 Features:

  • VSPAERO Update to 4.3
    • Matrix based preconditioner is now default
    • Vortex lift on by default
    • Leading edge suction a separate option
    • Option to disable 2nd order Mach correction
    • Multiple Re support for CDo (not supported yet by OpenVSP GUI)
    • Some small changes to calculating the surface pressures on the body.
  • OpenVSP updates to support VSPAERO 4.3
  • CPSlicer GUI
  • VSPAERO Automated Test Script
  • SubSurface API Extensions
  • Improvements to DegenGeom representation of control surfaces
  • Wireframe import of *.hrm files for CompGeom/DegenGeom based analysis
  • Measure, point probe in GUI
  • Surface query API routines
  • U,W Line Sources for CFDMesh
  • Some outputs now handled as Parms and can be used in linking.
  • Defer Update() in CreateGeom

OpenVSP 3.14.0 Bug Fixes:

  • First (instead of last) wake iteration plotted in VSPAEROPlotScreen
  • Fix VBO buffer size and increment to prevent crashing on complex models
  • Scale rounded rectangle corner radius.
  • Scale root section of multi-section wings.
  • Remove dangling panel method mesh every time VSPAERO is initiated.
  • Fix counter-intuitive behavior pasting components onto hinges.
  • Fix hinge GUI name update.
  • Misc. other bugs
  • VSPAERO 4.3 Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug with forces/moments for propulsive cases – vlm and panel
    • Various other bug fixes.

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