OpenVSP 3.13.3 Released

Lots of fixes, a few features, and some tweaks all around. Much of this came up at the workshop — too bad you missed it.

VSPAERO is updated to 4.2 — this version includes a leading edge suction / vortex lift model as well as a bunch of fixes.

I’m also updating the compiler used to build the Windows releases. It may make some things faster, but it may also cause problems on some old machines. Please report any problems.


  • VSPAERO 4.2
    • Vortex lift model / leading edge suction model integrated.
  • DegenGeom enhancements
    • LE radius, thickness, and location from curve not mesh
    • Handle prop like wing in DegenGeom
  • Change Prop blade duplication to speed updates
  • Add invert airfoil for VKT airfoils
  • Add UpdateGeom to API to facilitate rel vs. abs positioning in scripts
  • Allow control surfaces to be in multiple groups
  • ‘AJ’ usability improvments / fixes
    • Edit min/max value of User Parms
    • User Parm adjust screen wider for long names
    • Advanced link screen wider for long names
    • Fix odd _0 appended to user parm group names
    • Sort and divide user parm adjust tab by group
    • Clarify parm linking GUI
    • Sort parm links

Bug Fixes:

  • VSPAERO 4.2
    • Ground effect, wakes and CG location
    • Various updates and fixes in viewer
    • Control surface fixes – multiple controls on a single wing
    • Large control surface deflection improvements
    • Changed calculation of CpMin
  • BOR diameter was radius
  • Make BOR parms linkable
  • Initial position of children of hinges
  • Parasite drag crashing with blanks
  • Cf equation inputs and defaults
  • Cf calculation for mixed laminar/turbulent flow

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