OpenVSP 3.5.1 Released

This version has lots of fixes and a handful of features. There is something here for everyone, so update — you don’t want to be left out.

The addition of tessellation clustering control for wings (chordwise and spanwise) will be important to lots of users. This only affects the wireframe and things related to it (DegenGeom, VSPAERO, CompGeom, etc). It does not affect the underlying shape or the surface parameterization.

To do this, NACA 4-digit and CST airfoils types had to be re-parameterized to an equal-arc-length basis. This will change loft with mixed airfoil types and possibly attachment points. An option to recover the old behavior is included.

Cluster is controlled with two parameters (LE/TE or Root/Tip). If you set them =1.0, you get uniform sp… Read more

OpenVSP 3.5.0 Released

A little late for New Years, but just in time for SciTech! I hope to see you in San Diego next week.

OpenVSP 3.5.0 has a bunch of features across the board that should improve usability for a lot of you. High on the list is the ability to import files from OpenVSP v2. This import isn’t perfect*, but it should do the lions share of moving a model from v2 to v3.

On the good looks side of things, this version adds support for Retina display on MacOS, PNG format screen shots, and also saving screen shots at greater than on-screen resolution. This should help improve publication quality figures from OpenVSP.


  • v2 Import
  • Retina display on MacOS
  • Super-resolution screen shots
  • PNG format screen shots
  • Improved and quantitative view control (repeatable views)
  • Geom Browse
  • Read more