OpenVSP 3.37.2 Released

Version 3.37.0 had a handful of blemishes. One lead to the release of 3.37.1 a few days later — and today I’m releasing 3.37.2 with a few more fixes.

No new features or other big improvements here. Just bug fixes. So, everyone should update as soon as they can.

This version includes another FLTK update. This update should make it a tiny bit easier to build OpenVSP on some unusual computers that some folks may have.


  • None

Library updates

  • FLTK Updated to latest pre-1.4.0
  • Eliminates -no-pie flag from build, helps with Python API on RHEL9

Bug fixes

  • Fix a handful of crashes in/around structures
  • Fix a handful of 3D graphics glitches

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