OpenVSP 3.1.2 Released

OpenVSP Version 3.1.2

OpenVSP 3.1.2 fixes a few bugs and makes the API more complete.

Features and additions

  • Add control of wing root incidence. Thanks Jeff Viken.
  • Add container routines to API for User Parms. Thanks Erik Olson & James Haley.
  • Add file airfoil routines to API. Thanks Yohann Delannay.

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem with slashes in file names. Thanks Bill Fredericks.
  • Include OpenMP dll’s on Windows. Thanks Bill & Brandon Litherland.
  • Fix VSPAERO problem with long path -setup. Thanks Brandon.
  • Fix nonexistent component IDs in VSPAERO Manager. Thanks Brandon.
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OpenVSP put to good work

Many of you may have seen the articles and videos about NASA’s Greased Lightning GL-10 first transition flight earlier this week. If you didn’t see the articles, here is a press release from NASA. And a direct link to the video.

What you may not know is that Bill Fredericks – the guy who has managed the project, and whose voice you hear in the video – is a VSP power user. Bill is often the first one to put new features to the test, break them, and to let us know how we should have done it. He also does a great job teaching intro and advanced modeling techniques at the Workshop.

If you want to read up on the design of the Greased Lightning, there is a great overview paper available on NTRS.  OpenVSP was used to model each of the alternatives and the final OML of th… Read more

OpenVSP 3.1.1 Released

OpenVSP 3.1.1 fixes a bunch of small issues that quickly cropped up in 3.1.0. Thanks to everyone who helped find and diagnose these problems.

Bug fixes

  • Built-in favorite paths not appending trailing /. Reported by Alex Gary.
  • Correct omission of SECSWEEP_WSECT_DRIVER from API. Reported by Yohann Delannay.
  • Fix issue of displaying duplicate custom components. Reported by Jim Fenbert.
  • Force static linking of GCC supplied libraries. Reported by Bryan Morrisey.
  • Improve status checking and button de/activate for VSPAERO.
  • Properly quote Windows commands with spaces. Reported by Alex Gary.
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