OpenVSP 3.1.2 Released

OpenVSP Version 3.1.2

OpenVSP 3.1.2 fixes a few bugs and makes the API more complete.

Features and additions

  • Add control of wing root incidence. Thanks Jeff Viken.
  • Add container routines to API for User Parms. Thanks Erik Olson & James Haley.
  • Add file airfoil routines to API. Thanks Yohann Delannay.

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem with slashes in file names. Thanks Bill Fredericks.
  • Include OpenMP dll’s on Windows. Thanks Bill & Brandon Litherland.
  • Fix VSPAERO problem with long path -setup. Thanks Brandon.
  • Fix nonexistent component IDs in VSPAERO Manager. Thanks Brandon.

2 thoughts on “OpenVSP 3.1.2 Released

  1. Hi
    I downloaded VSP for the first time (3.1.2). Whenever trying to import a stl-file it seemingly does it but never shows it in the main window. Did I forget something to setup?
    Thanks for a reply

    • Hans,

      Are you still having this problem? You might try posting your STL file to the Google Group. We don’t check the announcement blog very often.