OpenVSP 3.1.0 and VSPAERO Released

OpenVSP 3.1.0 brings the much awaited release of VSPAERO, the new vortex lattice solver that has been developed to be a part of OpenVSP. There are a few other improvements and fixes, but I’m certain everyone will want to update to get their hands on VSPAERO.

VSPAERO is a thin-surface code for inviscid subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics. It is multithreaded to make the most of common multi-core computers and uses a mesh agglomeration scheme to improve scaling with large meshes. The matrix is solved with an iterative GMRES solver. VSPAERO includes a simple actuator disk model to represent propulsion-airframe interaction and also the ability to calculate common stability derivatives.

Check out this introductory video on VSPAERO.

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