OpenVSP 3.1.0 and VSPAERO Released

OpenVSP 3.1.0 brings the much awaited release of VSPAERO, the new vortex lattice solver that has been developed to be a part of OpenVSP. There are a few other improvements and fixes, but I’m certain everyone will want to update to get their hands on VSPAERO.

VSPAERO is a thin-surface code for inviscid subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics. It is multithreaded to make the most of common multi-core computers and uses a mesh agglomeration scheme to improve scaling with large meshes. The matrix is solved with an iterative GMRES solver. VSPAERO includes a simple actuator disk model to represent propulsion-airframe interaction and also the ability to calculate common stability derivatives.

Check out this introductory video on VSPAERO.

Improvements and additions since 3.0.4

  • VSPAERO vortex lattice solver and viewer
  • VSPAERO integration into OpenVSP GUI
  • Initial use of Travis-CI continuious integration build/test server
  • Search multiple paths for CustomScripts, working, home, then vsp’s location
  • Add home and vsp’s location to favorites pull-down in file select dialog

Bug fixes

  • Reading wings with sweep location=1.0 from file (reported by Nick Borer)
  • Wing parameter limits now allow tiny segments (reported by Nick Borer)
  • Fix Linux build problem introduced at the last moment before 3.0.4

2 thoughts on “OpenVSP 3.1.0 and VSPAERO Released

  1. : Is there any way to have the software ported to Linux/Unix? currently, I have no windows platform, and Wine is problematic at best. I noticed that you are using the GNU tools. So how can I get this done.
    Cris H.

    • Cris,

      OpenVSP builds on Linux just fine. There are detailed Ubuntu instructions for v3 on the Wiki. If you have any trouble, try asking for help on the OpenVSP Google Group, we don’t check the announcement blog very often.