OpenVSP 2.9.5 Third Beta for v3 Released

This version includes a large number of changes both features and fixes.  Some of these fixes took longer than expected — and one of the features is pretty big, so this release took much longer than anticipated.  Look for subsequent releases to be smaller and more frequent as the bugs are chased out.

Warning:  One bug fix required an incompatible change in how skinning is calculated.  If you have used a Fuselage or Stack component with skinning, you will need to adjust your tangent strengths — the geometry will be wrong when you open it.  I am very sorry for this inconvenience.

Note:  The file extension for custom components has been changed from .as to .vsppart.  Similarly, the file extension for scripting has been changed from .as to .vspscript.  These changes should prevent future confusion.

Significant improvements include:

  • Add Advanced Parameter Linking
  • Add STEP file options for compatibility with SolidWorks and Pointwise
  • Add multi-solid STL file options for tagged meshes to Pointwise
  • Add command-line script mode
  • Add no-graphics vspscript executable
  • Add Adjustable center of rotation for Wings
  • Add ‘Loop’ mode for Stack components

Notable bug fixes include:

  • Major redesign of how CFDMesh handles underlying surface fixing bugs
  • CFDMesh GUI Source and Wake geom handling
  • Saving Wake and Far Field settings for CFDMesh
  • Scaling of Custom Components
  • Zero chord wing crashes
  • DegenGeom and wing cap crashes
  • CFDMesh source crashes
  • Small errors in DegenGeom files noticed by Erik Olson
  • Fixed lots more bugs

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