OpenVSP 2.9.0 — First v3 Alpha Released

The first public alpha release of the v3 re-write of VSP is now available for download. Please take it for a test drive. For real work, please continue using 2.3.0.

For the past two years, a dedicated team has been re-writing VSP from the ground up. The core v3 team responsible for this work so far is: Alex Gary, J.R. Gloudemans, Yue Han, David Marshall, and Rob McDonald.

The v3 effort is a major refactoring and rewriting of VSP. Although it should look/feel mostly the same to casual users, everything is different under the hood. I will write a series of blog posts in the coming weeks on the user-visible changes and how to make the most of them.

The alpha series will be numbered 2.9.X, leading to an eventual production-ready 3.0.0. This alpha release is not for production use. It is very incomplete. It has known bugs. The file format will change. It will crash.

We are releasing this early version to give users a chance to try it out and to give feedback. Please post feedback to this group or to the GitHub issues list.


P.S. Do not use 2.9.0 for real work. It is an alpha version.

6 thoughts on “OpenVSP 2.9.0 — First v3 Alpha Released

  1. hmmm … I tried 2.9.0 and 2.9.1 … neither open old files (even when renamed vsp3). Something strange going on. Went back to 2.3.

    • For better or worse, that is by design. Version 3.0 will have a different file format from v2.X. We’ve made so many changes that keeping compatibility wasn’t practical. It may be possible to write a one-way import someday, but that is not in the current scope of work.

  2. Ouch. Was nice being able to pull from a small library of parts to and avoid starting from scrap. Would be nice to consider something similar to what sketchup has in terms of a number of generic components for download (e.g. people, fans/motors/engines, nose/main gear, seats/lavs/cabins, bombs/guns, OTS fuselages, bulkheads/doors, etc.) in order to ease people back in.