OpenVSP 3.30.0 Released

Coming just a month since the last release, this one is small, but you’ll want to update. A few handy features and some nice fixes all around. Quite a few of the fixes were identified by users at the Workshop. It was a great meeting. I hope to see you there next year.

If you look closely, a bunch of the changes may seem like they don’t accomplish much beyond deck chair rearrangement. Many of these changes lay the groundwork for some bigger features that aren’t quite ready yet. However, it is helpful to get the smaller bits out so development can continue with them included.

In preparation for the Workshop, I made a bunch of presentations. I got pretty tired of having to crop all of my OpenVSP screenshots, so this version includes an automatic crop feature added to the built-in screenshot. Next time, it’ll be much easier.

Superellipses have long been ugly for large exponent values. They aren’t anymore. The maximum exponent has been raised from 5 to 20 and the issues that used to start appearing around 5 have been eliminated. If you need a superellipse with exponent greater than 20, you probably want to use a rounded rectangle. If you really need it, let me know.

I’ve decided to drop the Win32 build from the normal set of builds. I was mostly keeping it around in case any problems came up with the Win x64 build. There have been none, so away it goes. Let me know if you desperately need the 32-bit build for some reason. Otherwise, step up to the 64 bit version.

The Ubuntu 18.04 build is next on the chopping block. The CI server has started warning of its deprecation. Speak up now if you need it to stick around.


  • Added automatic crop for built-in screenshots.
  • Increased precision for subsurface parameters. Thanks Andy
  • Enabled subsurface line parameterization by [0,N] basis. Thanks Andy
  • Drop Win32 build


  • Improve CMake build to copy binaries to Python packages and vsp build
  • Fixed Unsteady Cp calculation for panel solves.
  • Fixed test for wake TE points that lie on a wing/body intersection.
  • Inclusion of some developer test cases.
  • Updates to the API for time accurate gradients.
  • Bug fixes in the time accurate gradients.
  • Added in adjoint gradients wrt to inputs (M, AoA, Beta,P, Q, R, & RPM)
  • Inclusion of wing optimization test case.
  • Overhaul of Makefile system.
  • Started adding VSPAERO API Doxygen documentation.
  • Started building CI workflow based on Makefiles
  • Fixed nans for the fem load file
  • Fixed built-in screen grab on high-res displays. Thanks Rich.
  • Fix no -label case for adb2load
  • Make adb2load understand CalculiX files with ORIENTATION information
  • Fix change to *.history file that broke OpenVSP’s parsing. Thanks Cale
  • Add Y=0 slice automatically to VSPAERO runs
  • Change default wake iterations to three at Dave’s recommendation

Python Integration

  • Python package includes VSPAERO binaries
  • Python package should auto-detect VSPAERO binaries
  • Virtual environment set up for Python development and testing
  • Analyses should be available when package is loaded. Thanks Brandon.

Bug fixes

  • Fix advanced link crash when clicking on browsers. Thanks AJ.
  • Make some API calls work with any Container, not just Geom. Thx Brandon.
  • Fix area parameterized XSecCurve Scale. Thanks Cale
  • Remove remnant triangles from CompGeom half model.
  • Make CalculiX files print either tris or quads, not both
  • Fix GUI for finite beam structure parts
  • Probe GUI would go crazy with singular points. Thanks Juan.

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