OpenVSP 3.21.2 Released

By definition, polishing is a process of making ever smaller changes. While we’ll never be finished, this release serves to further polish OpenVSP.  There are tons of fixes and small features.  There might not be one huge feature – but then again, maybe we made that one tweak that will make your life better.  Either way, you should update right away

Welcome Gary Gray to the development team.  Gary is with ESAero and his first contributions are all over this release.

Look no further than a total Refresh of the Set Editor — should be much nicer to work with now.  This also entailed converting the Set Editor from a *.fl file to a code-generated GUI.  This won’t mean much to users, but this is great from a developer point of view.

Gary also converted all other *.fl based GUI’s in OpenVSP to code-generated GUI’s.  OpenVSP proper no longer depends on FLTK’s fluid executable (the VSPAERO viewer still does).  Gary converted Set Editor, Mass Properties, Planar Slice, Type Editor (now an export option), Texture Manager, and the File Dialog!  Justin killed off the pickSetFlScreen.fl to finish the job.

I am often more excited about lines / files removed than those added. This is no exception.

You can now re-load VSPAERO results into the GUI for later visualization. VSPAERO is further updated with a number of improvements inspired by user questions on the Google Group.

Trimmed CAD export got a lot of improvements (keep the testing and feedback coming).  It now supports negative and transparent components. So, if you want to poke a hole in something, you can.  Also, you can include an actuator disk or wing wake in your CAD export.

Nobody was using the error checking while using the API, so errors are now printed out by default.  If you really don’t like this, you can call SilenceErrors() or PrintOnErrors() to toggle this feature off and on.

Too many other small features and fixes to list.  Download and give it a try.


  •   Update of Python files developed by Uber.
  •   Negative component support for CAD export.
  •   Transparent component support for CAD export (disk and wake).
  •   Improved labeling for CAD export.
  •   User contributed VSPAERO API tutorial.  Thanks Cibin.
  •   Make double-click association of .vsp3 files possible on Linux.  Thanks Cibin.
  •   Read prior VSPAERO results into GUI Results Manager
  •   Updated tri-tri intersection routine, more robust.
  •   Print errors during API by default, can be silenced.
  •   Updated VSPAERO isolated rotor example to use GUI where possible.
  •   Many varied code cleanups identified by automated analysis.
  •   Extension of FEA Structures API functions.
  •   Extensions to API for Copy/Paste of Sets.
  •   Renamed surface intersection to Trimmed Surfaces.
  •   Echo vspviewer command to console at launch.
  •   Include list of merged and removed meshes from CompGeom and friends.
  •   Allow negative offset conformal geoms.
  •   Make HingeGeom obey Scale().
  •   Added info to Line SubSurf display.
  •   Loosen limits on General XSec type.
  •   Readjust column widths when resizing windows.

VSPAERO to 6.0.4:

     Improved agglomeration routine at creating coarse meshes.

  •   Updated the viscous airfoil model.
  •   Fixed the spikes near the centerline in the loading.
  •   Fixed a bug in the ground effects implementation.
  •   Various bug fixes.
  •   Fix crash with multiple disconnected bodies in panel code.
  •   Fix problem with zero wake iters on unsteady cases.
  •   Fix problem with Cp hot-spot near small chord tips.
  •   Some fixes for V&V script.

Bug Fixes:

  •   Fix surface identification for FEA Fixed Points.
  •   Fix Surf ID and Surf Index mixup for Trimmed CAD Labels.
  •   Fix crash on FEA Mesh if no structure selected.
  •   Fix wake attachment line for curved trailing edges.
  •   Fix GUI Update for Stack Loop policy.
  •   Fix memory leak in cppexecv (Mac / Linux only).
  •   Fix smart input for both inputs of FractionParm.
  •   Deactivate width/height parm for CEdit XSec for Wing and Props.
  •   Various fixes to CEdit GUI.
  •   Fix problems with initial flow condition on VSPAERO sweep analysis.
  •   Fix crash for intersection curve refinement for CAD export.
  •   Allow XSec insertion after last XSec for Stacks.
  •   Fix name identification for 67 series airfoils.
  •   Improve API error messages.
  •   General fixes for Shown / NoShow Sets
  •   Fix bugs with generic XSecs
  •   Many other fixes.

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