OpenVSP 3.21.1 Released!

Coming just a month after the previous release, this release is heavy on bug fixes with just a couple features thrown in. The fixes are widespread — everyone should update to take advantage.

Not a lot else to say — just go download it!


  • Rearrange Prop gui to accommodate recent additions
  • Background image support for XSec editor
  • API support for number of actuator disk and unsteady groups
  • Edit cross section in dimensional or scaled form.
  • Plot rotor distributed loads in Results Manager

VSPAERO to 6.0.3, mostly bug fixes

  • Line contour drawing option
  • Fixed the centerline issue for cases with symmetry OFF
  • Fixed the side slip at the symmetry plane jump

Bug Fixes:

    – Restore writing degen stick on Matlab
  • Write all fields to BEM file
  • Correct writing pre_cone to BEM file
  • Fix variable preset screen update
  • Remove GUI and API support for removed VSPAERO options
  • Clean up last VSPAERO result before each run
  • Fix smart input on Windows
  • Don’t allow spaces in unsteady group name to VSPAERO
  • Fixes with rotors to VSPAERO
  • Fix pressure unit conversions in parasite drag GUI
  • STEP file fix to help SolidWorks
  • Fix bug with CFDMesh half meshes very slow. Fixes #116
  • Fix auto time step with nothing moving
  • Fix actuator disk rotation direction and reversal
  • Fix edit XSec type use with propeller
  • And more

2 thoughts on “OpenVSP 3.21.1 Released!

  1. I download 3.21.1 in Windows 10, decompress then try to run the program and it opens a blank pane and side menu, and a window pops up saying the program has stopped working and Windows is looking for a solution–forever. the bottom of the main pane frame says file: unnamed.vsp3. What I am I doing wrong?
    In my previous attempt with3.21.0 the error was vcomp140, per Microsoft I removed and re-installed visual basic c++, that seems to take care of that problem.

  2. Please post somewhere in GROUND SCHOOL i clear info for following subjects :
    1. Custom scripts ( what they are and how to use them )
    2. Matlab files in matlab folder ( what they are and how to use them )
    3. Python files in python folder ( what they are and how to use them )
    4. Scripts in scripts folder ( what they are and how to use them )

    other files formats as per GUI, there is some confusion what is the purpose and usage of certain file types.