OpenVSP 2.3.0 Released

Version 2.3.0 contains one significant feature and a small bug fix. Version 2.3.0 is likely the last 2.X feature release for VSP. We will continue making 2.3.Y bug fix releases for a long time.

For some time, almost all developer effort has been focused on the pending 3.X project. VSP v3 is a near total rewrite keeping everything you love about VSP, but ushering in new features galore and a more maintainable code base. We hope to release a not-for-production-use alpha version of v3 for users to begin testing soon.

Fixes/features in this release:

  • Add ability to model outer domain boundary in CFD Mesh.
  • Match multi-body edge shares in CFD Mesh. (Thanks Sriram R.)

You can now generate a CFD Mesh including the outer boundary. Some volume grid generators need to start with a full… Read more

OpenVSP 2.2.5 Released

Version 2.2.5 contains a collection of bug fixes and small features. Some of the features look like bug fixes — and some of the fixes look like small features.

Fixes/features in this release:

  • Save CFD export options.
  • Automatically add *.vsp extension when saving.
  • Add *.ram files to file-open dialog.
  • Write propellers to XSec *.hrm files.
  • Fixed PovRay *.inc file bug.
  • Fix FEA elements not getting written.
  • Fix 64-bit GLFont support and embed font in executable.
  • Fix parameter linking and design files for propeller.
  • Read more

OpenVSP 2.2.4 Released

Version 2.2.4 contains a collection of bug fixes that improve the CFD mesher. Various users have run into these problems, so if you use CFDMesh, you should certainly upgrade.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Guarantee attachment of wakes to constructing edge
  • Relax tolerance to better match wakes down body splits
  • Rewrite curve tessellation integration for quality in extreme cases
  • Introduce curve split sources for mesh quality near intersections
  • Size curve distance table to match underlying topology

The wake changes should help guarantee mesh topology when wakes are turned on. There were certain cases that could arise where a wake would not properly attach to the generating trailing edge, or the edge of a body that aligned with the wake. Both of these situations should be … Read more

2013 OpenVSP Workshop Announcement & Call for Participation

The 2013 OpenVSP Workshop will be held 7-9 August in San Luis Obispo California. There is a $99 registration fee.

The agenda will include presentations and tutorials. Topics will range from introductory to advanced modeling techniques, connections between VSP and analysis tools, and updates on recent/ongoing developments in VSP.

Please email Rob McDonald if you would like to present at the workshop. Please include a title or short description of what you would like to present. We can’t guarantee to accomodate everyone, but we are trying to construct a comprehensive workshop.

The workshop information web site is online and will be updated as the agenda is set.

The workshop registration web site is also online and ready to receive your registration.… Read more

OpenVSP 2.2.3 Released

Version 2.2.3 contains a triplet of small bug fixes that have bitten some users. I have been putting these off waiting for an upcoming feature release, but now seems to be the time to get these out there.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Threaded version check
  • Fix CG contribution of point mass components
  • Fix CFDMesh half models when a surface is actually cut

Placing the version check in its own thread allows VSP execution to continue during the version check. This is significant for situations where the computer has internet connectivity, but the VSP web server is experiencing problems. The HTTP library used by VSP does not let you change the timeout from 60 seconds, so in these situations, VSP paused for 60 seconds on startup.

The CG contribution of point mass components was cal… Read more

OpenVSP 2.2.2 Released

Version 2.2.2 has been a long time coming. I have been waiting on a few features to make a 2.3.0 release, but finally decided it was better to get these fixes out sooner than later.

The mesh growth limiting step of CFDMesh ‘Build Target Mesh’ has been totally re-written. This new version should be vastly faster for just about anyone out there. The new BTM algorithm follows the surface topology rather than doing a full spatial search. For the rare cases where a full spatial search is still required, there is an optional flag to enable it. Even that mode should still be much faster than before.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Don’t close already closed file in readVspAirfoil (Linux crash)
  • Fix MS_Wing chord update on scale
  • Fix warnings on various
  • Read more

OpenVSP 2.2.1 Released

Version 2.2.1 contains a number of small bug fixes.  One of thes fixes is particularly important — everyone should upgrade.

The nastiest bug caused components added from the ‘external’ default component set to have the ID number of that component.  If multiple such components were added, this could cause duplicate IDs in the model.  IDs are expected to be unique, so this causes significant problems.

The external BWB defaults that ship with VSP include a MS_Wing component with ID 42078344.  This is the most likely number to be duplicated.

If your model has duplicate IDs, you may see strange behavior including problems with parent/child relationships, parameter linking, and wetted area/volume totals from CompGe… Read more

OpenVSP 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 includes many features and improvements in all corners of the program.  There should be something here for everyone, so go ahead and upgrade.

My favorite feature is the ‘r’ key.  Place the mouse over the model and press ‘r’ to change the center of rotation.

Many users will appreciate that we can now read both of the file formats used in the UIUC airfoil database.  Please let us know if you find any airfoil files in the database that you can’t read.

Users doing trade or optimization studies will want to check out the design and XDDM support.  These features should make it very easy to use VSP in your next design study.

In addition, there were a whole host of small fixes and improvements.  Some of these b… Read more

OpenVSP 2.1.0 Released

Version 2.1.0 includes lots of improvements and bug fixes across the board. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

Major features of this version include:

  • CBAero Wake modeling
  • Curvature based meshing
  • Re-worked CFD mesh GUI
  • X3D file output
  • Online version check

Bug fixes and minor features include:

  • Scale wing area by linear dimension instead of area
  • Don’t write commas in Cart3D files
  • Batch mode mass properties calculation
  • Read more