OpenVSP 3.4.0 Released

CST for everyone!

OpenVSP 3.4.0 comes with native support for Brenda Kulfan’s CST Airfoil representation. This is an oft-requested and long awaited feature by those doing aero optimization.

CST support is limited to the airfoil class (N1=0.5, N2=1.0) and is only available for Wing-type components for now.

CST airfoils can be promoted exactly or demoted to the closest possible approximation of reduced order. Existing VSP airfoils can be converted to CST using a least squares fit of a specified order.

Airfoils may now be modified via scale, shift, and rotate. These mods are used by the CST fitting to allow the CST curve to be defined on x=[0,1] with start/end at y=0.

These modifications will also allow some interesting alternative uses. With great power comes g… Read more

OpenVSP 3.3.1 Released

Small but mighty!

OpenVSP 3.3.1 may ‘only’ be a bugfix release, but it fixes some really big and longstanding bugs. The fixes are so significant that I considered calling it 3.4.0 — or even 4.0.0!

Whatever you do, update to this version, you’ll be glad you did. Shaded rendering is significantly improved, a few performance improvements, and the problems with 6-series and file airfoils have been fixed.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix various problems with 6-Series and File Airfoil types.
  • Multiple normal vectors at corners and edges for better shading.
  • Improve feature line rendering to reduce artifacts.
  • Eliminate transparent surface rendering artifacts.
  • Tweak adaptive feature lines to improve consistency of results.
  • Add OpenVSP version number to outp
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OpenVSP 3.3.0 Released

October surprise! OpenVSP can now export IGES files!

OpenVSP 3.3.0 is the latest feature release of everyone’s favorite
parametric modeling tool. IGES support was made possible via libIGES, a
small library created by Cirilo Bernardo.

I’ve bumped the version number not because this change is monumental,
but because it will require special attention for anyone building VSP
themselves (they must re-build the Libraries to build libIGES).

Unfortunately, IGES file export will not be a CAD-interchange-cure-all.
IGES files will be subject to many of the same pitfalls as STEP files, but
hopefully this will provide another avenue to work with other modelers and
downstream tools.

In addition to IGES files, there are some other features and bug fixes,
every… Read more

OpenVSP 3.2.3 Released

OpenVSP 3.2.3 is a periodic update. Nothing huge here shoving it out the door, but enough good things have accumulated in the last month that a release should be useful to people. Both fixes and features, everyone should update.


  • Added slew control to skinning. Slew controls the direction of surface curves ‘in’ the surface – where Angle is ‘out’ of the surface.
  • Change default skinning parameters to simulate v2′s Fuse2 component.
  • Export wireframe as Plot3D file (thanks Joe Derlaga)
  • Improve nearest point search algorithms in Code-Eli should help CFDMesh and FitModel.
  • Cache derivative calculations in Code-Eli – should speed CFDMesh some
  • Added reversed triangle detection and removal to CFDMesh
  • Tweaked CFD
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OpenVSP 3.2.2 Released

OpenVSP 3.2.2 is another bugfix release. Some small, but a few that have been longstanding problems. Everyone should update to get the benefit of these fixes.


  • Specify units when writing STEP files.
  • Specify dimensional tolerance when writing STEP files.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix wing updating with zero tip chord, zero taper, etc.
  • VSPAERO Remove additional swirl component in front of actuator disk.
  • Fix airfoil trimming bug introduced in 3.2.1
  • Eliminate divide by zero for trim/closure parameters with zero chord.
  • Fix bug introduced when DegenGeom GUI was made programmatic.
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OpenVSP 3.2.1 Released

OpenVSP 3.2.1 is a release of mostly bugfixes. Most of the fixes are small items expected to accompany a big release like 3.2.0. However, the most significant fix has been a problem with all of v3. So, although it is small, everyone should go ahead and update.


  • Background control GUI converted to be programmatic

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix inconsistent orientation of triangles from CompGeom
  • Fix orientation of symmetrical actuator disk normal vectors
  • Improve feature lines and XSec highlights with blunt trailing edges
  • Don’t write un-needed Matlab DegenGeom file for VSPAERO
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OpenVSP 3.2.0 Released

OpenVSP 3.2.0 is the first feature release in a while — there is a lot of great stuff included to make it well worth the wait.

Check out the highlights video.

Blunt trailing edges — Wing section TE’s can now be blunt.  Airfoil files with a gap between the TE points will be left that way (re-read your files on existing models to get this behavior).  Airfoil curves can be modified to thicken or sharpen the TE; they can also be trimmed to blunt the TE.  The sharp corners have parameter values W=0.001 and 0.999, use these values when creating subsurfaces or attaching to the corner.

A negative volume flag has been added to components to cause them to poke holes in CFDMesh.  In all other cases, these components have normal behavior.  This should be useful for … Read more

OpenVSP 3.1.2 Released

OpenVSP Version 3.1.2

OpenVSP 3.1.2 fixes a few bugs and makes the API more complete.

Features and additions

  • Add control of wing root incidence. Thanks Jeff Viken.
  • Add container routines to API for User Parms. Thanks Erik Olson & James Haley.
  • Add file airfoil routines to API. Thanks Yohann Delannay.

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem with slashes in file names. Thanks Bill Fredericks.
  • Include OpenMP dll’s on Windows. Thanks Bill & Brandon Litherland.
  • Fix VSPAERO problem with long path -setup. Thanks Brandon.
  • Fix nonexistent component IDs in VSPAERO Manager. Thanks Brandon.
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OpenVSP 3.1.1 Released

OpenVSP 3.1.1 fixes a bunch of small issues that quickly cropped up in 3.1.0. Thanks to everyone who helped find and diagnose these problems.

Bug fixes

  • Built-in favorite paths not appending trailing /. Reported by Alex Gary.
  • Correct omission of SECSWEEP_WSECT_DRIVER from API. Reported by Yohann Delannay.
  • Fix issue of displaying duplicate custom components. Reported by Jim Fenbert.
  • Force static linking of GCC supplied libraries. Reported by Bryan Morrisey.
  • Improve status checking and button de/activate for VSPAERO.
  • Properly quote Windows commands with spaces. Reported by Alex Gary.
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