OpenVSP 3.17.1 Released

Perhaps sooner than expected and perhaps less feature rich than expected. This release is almost all bug fixes — you’ll certainly want to make the jump.

Not a lot of details this time around — I’ll let the short descriptions speak for themselves.


  • Calculate average and weighted chord and solidity for props
  • Expand API coverage
  • Improve CMake to help FLTK build on Linux
  • Add names to exported STEP files.

Library Update:

  • Update GLM to


  • Fix skin friction equations
  • Multiple FEA GUI Fixes
  • Don’t assume FEA skin is first component
  • IGES Structure Parm Name Collision (Thanks Jim Fenbert)
  • STEP Structure missing options
  • Overlapping Prop XSecs
  • Register missing attachment enums w/ API
  • Protect 4-dig airfoils from out of bounds parms
  • Improve ResetRemapID behavior
  • Fix problems with prop and file airfoils
  • Add missing GUI handling of read-file XSecs for body of revolution
  • Silence a bunch of warnings
  • Use equal arc len parameterization for super ellipses

One thought on “OpenVSP 3.17.1 Released

  1. Thanks very much for this new release.

    I have a question regarding the Prop component.

    It adds rotational axes into the view. May I know how to turn these off from view?

    Thanks in advance