OpenVSP 3.16.2 Released

This version has been long in coming — it doesn’t really contain anything monumental — but enough small things built up to make this release overdue.

The most significant geometry changes are some new airfoil types — NACA 4-digit modified, 5-digit, 5-digit modified, and 16-Series. Also easy GUI access to add nose/tail end caps to Fuse and Stack.

Lots of improvements to the API — picking up things that were left out or were inconsistent between AngelScript and C++/Python. It isn’t perfect, but it is better.

A crude animation capability has been added to the API. This includes some example scripts to get users started. Animation scripts must be run from inside the GUI.

Beyond that, a ton of small fixes across the board.


  • DegenGeom additions
  • API Animation support
  • Four digit modified airfoils
  • Five digit & modified airfoils
  • 16 series airfoils
  • Fuselage and stack end caps
  • BOR support in API
  • General API cleanups

Bug Fixes:

  • Many small fixes
  • Fuse file xsec symmetry problem
  • Fix point clustering on airfoil export

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