OpenVSP 3.16.0 Released

This version is long overdue, but it has lots of good stuff — should be well worth the wait. Not much of a theme here, but bits and pieces all over the place.

We’re in the process of migrating the web server. If the site goes down in the next few days, don’t dismay, it’ll come back soon. Hopefully this doesn’t cause problems with obtaining this version.

VSPAERO gets a big update to version 4.4.1. The binary file format has changed, so you must use the new viewer and slicer. There is also a VSPAERO test script that has received a lot of work.

New export types/formats — airfoil stack, simple PMARC 12 files, OBJ from MeshGeom. DegenGeom now available from API.

To round it out, some propeller modeling improvements, and significant speedups to the improved intersection curves recently released.


  • Airfoil stack export
  • Simple PMARC 12 export
  • MeshGeom OBJ export
  • DegenGeom support to API
  • Structures small improvements and bug fixes.
  • Propeller modeling improvements (sweep and construction line)
  • Update VSPAERO to version 4.4.1
    • ADB file format change.
    • Supersonic solutions should work again.
    • New surface pressure calculation method
    • Fixed a 2 floating around in the unsteady aero forces
    • Fixed a bug in the time accurate wake code.
    • Steady state rotor calculations.
    • UnSteady rotor calculations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Faster Intersection Curves
  • Many fixes to VSPAERO test script

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