OpenVSP 3.5.2 Released

Another collection of small fixes and features, with one or two that are sure to be crowd pleasers.  Get it now and don’t be left out!

Most of the changes fall into two categories.  Sub-Surfaces and the main GUI.

The first sub-surface work allows multi-surface geoms (common with custom components) to assign sub-surfaces on a per-surface basis (rather than to all surfaces).

In addition, sub-surfaces are now output to DegenGeom files.  This kind of extension of the DG file format was always expected, so hopefully parsers have been written to ‘just work’.

Sub-surfaces are output as a u,v polyline, it is up to the DegenGeom user to figure out what that means for their stick or plate representation.  Sub-surface names are also written out as well as a flag indicating which side of the polyline is the ‘inside’ of the subsurface.

The main window has been refactored such that it is now generated on the fly.  This will make future updates much easier.  While I was there, I made a bunch of other improvements and cleanups.

The Undo button is now located under the Edit menu, and Ctrl-Z (Cmd-Z on Mac) will trigger Undo.  Lots of menu commands now have sensible shortcut keys that make common actions easier and also document some little-known capability.

On Mac, the main menu bar now appears in the top window bar like other native applications.  This may take some getting used to.

If you’re still looking for a reason to update, here it is.  With this version, a press of the ‘f’ key will fit the visible model (zoom and center) to the screen (and change the rotation center to the center of the visible model).


  • Per-surface sub-surfaces
  • Sub-surfaces written to DegenGeom files
  • Programmatic main window
  • Fit visible model to window with ‘f’ key
  • Menu rearrangement with lots of shortcut keys

Bug fixes

  • Fix CFDMesh problem with vertical tails (thanks Carmine Vassallo)
  • Fix problem passing shortcut keys to all listeners

One thought on “OpenVSP 3.5.2 Released

  1. This update is fantastic. However, I have been wondering for a while if it would be possible to add a fillet tool to OpenVSP, thus facilitating smooth transitions between connected bodies (such as wing-root / fuselage fairings). I recognize that fillet tools involve Boolean operations and can be tricky to program well, but I do think that a fillet tool would offer substantial benefits to OpenVSP. Thank you for your consideration.