OpenVSP 3.5.1 Released

This version has lots of fixes and a handful of features. There is something here for everyone, so update — you don’t want to be left out.

The addition of tessellation clustering control for wings (chordwise and spanwise) will be important to lots of users. This only affects the wireframe and things related to it (DegenGeom, VSPAERO, CompGeom, etc). It does not affect the underlying shape or the surface parameterization.

To do this, NACA 4-digit and CST airfoils types had to be re-parameterized to an equal-arc-length basis. This will change loft with mixed airfoil types and possibly attachment points. An option to recover the old behavior is included.

Cluster is controlled with two parameters (LE/TE or Root/Tip). If you set them =1.0, you get uniform spacing (the default). Smaller numbers cluster, larger numbers spread things out. Feedback on the level of control and the growth rate is appreciated. This may need tweaking down the road.

The libJPEG library has given us no end of trouble over the years and I’ve finally had enough. I ripped it out and have replaced it with a smaller and simpler library. Hopefully this fixes all the problems users have had with image files. This will be mostly user invisible, but you can no longer do JPEG screenshots — PNG only. Also, you now have your choice of image formats for background images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA).


  • Chordwise tessellation clustering control
  • Spanwise tessellation clustering control
  • Equal arc length skinning for four digit and CST airfoils
  • Add selection Show Only button. Suggested by Jason W.
  • More file formats supported for background (jpg, png, bmp, gif, tga)
  • Make XSec highlight curves adaptive
  • Improve polygon offset to improve feature line rendering


  • Fix update custom components change position/rotation. Thanks Erik O.
  • Fix problem with wing list update in VSPAERO GUI
  • Fix recent problems with logslider
  • Fix fuselages with many file XSecs
  • Fix O(n^2) problems in fuselage import and read
  • Get rid of libJPEG

2 thoughts on “OpenVSP 3.5.1 Released

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  2. I just downloaded openVSP on my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit laptop.
    It has 8 gb RAM and 512 gb memory. Video card is an NVIDIA Quadro K2100M.
    When I try to move or change size of one of the openVSP program windows, it just expands, regardless if the intent was to reduce size or only move. This results in having to shut down the program.