OpenVSP 3.3.0 Released

October surprise! OpenVSP can now export IGES files!

OpenVSP 3.3.0 is the latest feature release of everyone’s favorite
parametric modeling tool. IGES support was made possible via libIGES, a
small library created by Cirilo Bernardo.

I’ve bumped the version number not because this change is monumental,
but because it will require special attention for anyone building VSP
themselves (they must re-build the Libraries to build libIGES).

Unfortunately, IGES file export will not be a CAD-interchange-cure-all.
IGES files will be subject to many of the same pitfalls as STEP files, but
hopefully this will provide another avenue to work with other modelers and
downstream tools.

In addition to IGES files, there are some other features and bug fixes,
everyone should update and enjoy!


  • IGES file export made possible by libIGES
  • Adaptive feature lines (Should be prettier)
  • Visualization of blank component axes (Turn off feature lines to hide)
  • Split surfaces by default for STEP files (Match IGES, more compatible)
  • Add STEP/IGES export units enum to API

Bug fixes:

  • Wing root incidence not updating (thanks Travis, Michael, and Brandon)
  • Wing twist limits too limiting (thanks Michael and Brandon)
  • Symmetrical diagonals for CompGeom & friends (thanks Dave Kinney)

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