OpenVSP 2.2.4 Released

Version 2.2.4 contains a collection of bug fixes that improve the CFD mesher. Various users have run into these problems, so if you use CFDMesh, you should certainly upgrade.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Guarantee attachment of wakes to constructing edge
  • Relax tolerance to better match wakes down body splits
  • Rewrite curve tessellation integration for quality in extreme cases
  • Introduce curve split sources for mesh quality near intersections
  • Size curve distance table to match underlying topology

The wake changes should help guarantee mesh topology when wakes are turned on. There were certain cases that could arise where a wake would not properly attach to the generating trailing edge, or the edge of a body that aligned with the wake. Both of these situations should be improved.

The rest of the changes affect the quality of the tessellation along intersection and border curves. The VSP mesher first lays out the curves, and then the surface mesh is generated without changing the curve points. Consequently, poor quality curve tessellation means a poor quality surface mesh. If you have experienced strange unexplained mesh quality problems, these fixes should help.

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