OpenVSP 3.6.1 Released

One big feature, a handful of enhancements, and a bunch of bug fixes make this version well worth the update.

The big feature is a projected area calculator. Use it to calculate the projected area of a component or a set of components. Project in the X, Y, or Z directions — or along an arbitrary vector — or along a vector normal to the u=0, w=0 point on a given component. You can also bound the projected area by a component or a set.

The resultant area is triangulated and added to the model as a MeshGeom for visualization or export to STL. Although only the final area is reported in the GUI, component areas and the area outline are available in the output file or via the API.

So, whether you want frontal area for a drag estimate, rotor downwash area for a download calculati… Read more

OpenVSP 3.6.0 Released

It has been a while since the last release, I’m sure you’ll find that this version has lots of things to make it worth the wait. There are a lot of changes here–and there may be some lingering bugs. Please dig in and report success/failures to the Google Group.

Many of the embedded libraries have been updated, so if you compile yourself, you’ll need to refresh your build.

SnapTo has been added. This feature lets you adjust any parameter until the part snaps to a collision (or offset) with another part.

Leading edge modifications options matching the trailing edge modifications have been added. Likewise, leading edge control surface subsurfaces.

Multiple kinds of edge treatment have been added (not just flat). So, if you ever wanted to make a di… Read more