Aircraft Designed for a 10x Reduction in Operating Cost?

VSP is incredibly effective at putting together advanced aircraft concepts that can ask fundamental “What if?” questions – and help to quickly get answers whether it’s worth continuing a new line of thought.  A recent conceptual design study that we conducted at NASA Langley asked the question “Is it possible to reduce the operating costs of an advanced General Aviation (GA) aircraft by a factor of 10?”  Asking such a question requires establishing a good baseline model (such as the Cirrus SR-20/22), and then putting together a good conceptual geometric representation of the proposed solution to compare to that State-of-the-Art (SOA) reference.  So I thought you’d like see one of the VSP model concepts we came up with to meet this question, and a … Read more

1,000+ Downloads in 30 Days

OpenVSP 2.2.0 is the first new release we’ve made since we implemented download tracking from the website.  So, it is very exciting to see that 30 days after its release, 1,009 people have downloaded 2.2.0.  Anyone compiling from source (all Linux/BSD users) or obtaining it from a friend won’t appear here.

Although the large majority of downloads are from the US, VSP is being downloaded and used globally.  Here is a summary of the countries for those downloads.

Within the US, the majority of downloads appear to go to locations with large university aerospace engineering departments.  Hampton VA does edge out Blacksburg VA.  At least one large company has made OpenVSP available on their intranet – so those users wouldn… Read more