OpenVSPAPI  3.21.2
Documentation for the OpenVSP API

This is the documentation for the classes, enumerations, and functions available in the OpenVSP API.

The API functions are organized into the following groups:

The OpenVSP API classes with member functions are identified here:

A master page containing all groups, classes, enums, and un-documented functions is available here:



OpenVSP API examples are available in the scripts directory of the distribution. These example scripts are written in AngelScript, but map very closely for the Python API. An example for using the Python API can be found in python/openvsp/openvsp/tests. For specific requests, the OpenVSP Google Group is available.

Python API Instructions

View the README file in the python directory of the distribution for instructions on Python API instructions. Note, the Python and OpenVSP versions (32-bit or 64-bit) must match.


The MATLAB API is not included with the OpenVSP distribution and must be built by the user. A presentation with instructions is available from the 2019 OpenVSP Workshop



Users are encouraged to make use of the GitHub Issue Tracker if they have a suggestions, feature request, or bug report for the OpenVSP developers.