OpenVSPAPI  3.21.1
VSPAERO Functions

The following group of functions are specific to VSPAERO. However, their relevence has been mostly replaced by Analysis Manager capabilities.

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string GetVSPAERORefWingID ()
string SetVSPAERORefWingID (const string &in geom_id)

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string GetVSPAERORefWingID ( )

Get ID of the current VSPAERO reference Geom

Reference Geom ID


string SetVSPAERORefWingID ( const string &in  geom_id)

Set the current VSPAERO reference Geom ID

//==== Add Wing Geom and set some parameters =====//
string wing_id = AddGeom( "WING" );
SetGeomName( wing_id, "MainWing" );
//==== Add Vertical tail and set some parameters =====//
string vert_id = AddGeom( "WING" );
SetGeomName( vert_id, "Vert" );
SetParmValUpdate( vert_id, "TotalArea", "WingGeom", 10.0 );
SetParmValUpdate( vert_id, "X_Rel_Location", "XForm", 8.5 );
SetParmValUpdate( vert_id, "X_Rel_Rotation", "XForm", 90 );
//==== Set VSPAERO Reference lengths & areas ====//
SetVSPAERORefWingID( wing_id ); // Set as reference wing for VSPAERO
Print( "VSPAERO Reference Wing ID: ", false );
[in]geom_idReference Geom ID