OpenVSP 2.9.7 Fifth Beta for v3 Released

This version includes some nice improvements, but also a bunch of small bug fixes that have been preventing people from getting work done. If you’ve been hitting these, you’ll certainly want to update.

Improvements include:

  • Issue error when you try to set secondary & primary sweep location equal
  • New NACA 4-Digit airfoil code, much improved representation of shape
  • Custom components now support scaling
  • Custom components now support default sources
  • Custom components now support set center of rotation
  • Custom components now support surface type flag setting
  • Can now edit name, group, description of user parameters

Bug fixes include:

  • Fix scripting on Linux – scripting, custom components, advanced links
  • Improve robustness of triangle splitting (CompGeom, DegenGeom, etc)
  • Use strict IEEE FP on Windows for Triangle, fix crashes in CompGeom
  • Initialize strings to , fix DegenGeom crash on Windows
  • Advanced parameter links force update on compile
  • Prevent AWave slice angle from going to 0 (Mach=infinity).
  • Set file name when opening files from command line. Thanks Jim.
  • Remove assumption on # of user parms. Thanks Erik.

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