OpenVSP 4.1.22 Released

This version comes with a bit of a philosophical change for OpenVSP. It may take some adjustment, but I’m sure it will be for the best. The change is substantial enough that it warranted a significant version number bump.

Upon further reflection, I’ve come to the same conclusion as countless teenagers who dream of airplanes. The best airplane possible is the SR-71.

In a bold step to simplify the aircraft design process, all OpenVSP models will now be the SR-71. Optimization and design is much simpler when you already know the answer. The user interface is greatly simplified, all parameters have been eliminated.

The only reason we sometimes previously designed aircraft that were not the SR-71 was because of the use of high fidelity tools early in the design process. I’m looking at you CFD. These tools include approximations that are invariably wrong and lead to designs like the space shuttle, helicopters, and other things that are not a SR-71. By eliminating these tools, we eliminate their inherent approximations and are able to arrive at the correct answer every time.

The SR-71 design has been slightly improved, incorporating aspects from the universally recognized runner up best airplane possible.

This goes without saying, but everyone should update ASAP.


  • SR-71
  • Higher, faster, farther
  • GAU-8
  • Offset nose gear
  • Sharks teeth

Bug Fixes:

  • Eliminated process from aircraft design process
  • Removed ability to model inferior aircraft

3 thoughts on “OpenVSP 4.1.22 Released

  1. Is this some kind of April fool joke. Announced new version 4.1.22 is not available for download on VSP web site. Please advise