OpenVSP 3.23.0 Released

This version fixes some critical bugs that have been hounding users. If you’re using 3.22.0, you certainly want to grab this ASAP.

3.22.0’s Faster Update changes came with significant risk of breaking things. Sure enough, that risk was realized. Users have been hitting a handful of update bugs that have made 3.22.0 difficult for some to use. This release fixes all the known Update related bugs. There may be more hiding in the corners, but they’ll be the less frequently encountered type.

There are also some updates and features included here. Users of the (relatively new) general XSec capability will enjoy a nice overhaul that factors in lots of user feedback. It barely missed the last release, but even more improvements there have come along in the meantime.

A point-projection algorithm was added and exposed to the API at the request of the M4 Structures Studio developers. Hopefully it meets their needs to improve their toolchain.

These changes alone probably wouldn’t warrant a version bump, but there are some library and build process changes that raise the level here a bit. FLTK has been updated to hopefully fix some problems that show up on the brand new MacOS Big Sur. The Triangle library has been replaced with a version modified for better error handling and a more C++ API.

The last change is process rather than code. Our automated build system has moved from Travis-CI and Appveyor to GitHub Actions. This change was forced by an account policy change by Travis-CI. So, the builds may be done with slightly different versions of the OS, compiler, system libraries, Python, etc. So, things that worked before might break. Hopefully it isn’t too much and we can sort out any issues. This is the way forward.

Overall, you’ll want to get this just to fix all the annoying update problems.


  • Add point projection along an axis algorithms to API.
  • Improved background image for Edit XSec type
  • Improved re-parameterization of Edit XSec types
  • Improvements to Edit XSec GUI

Library & Build Updates:

  • Update Code-Eli to support axis projection and other cleanups
  • Update FLTK to fix problems seen on MacOS Big Sur
  • Update Triangle to version with proper error handling
  • Build system moved to GitHub Actions

Bug Fixes:

  • Update w/ clustering
  • Update of Point Cloud Geom
  • Update with non-intersected MeshGeom
  • Update wing after paste airfoil
  • Update of axis markers for HingeGeom
  • Update AxisLength
  • Thickness issue with file-type airfoils imported from v2 files
  • Radius scaling of corner radius of rounded rectangles on wings
  • Errant documentation of vspgeom file format
  • Differentiate active airfoil name and active XSec name
  • Various issues with Edit XSec types
  • Other misc. bugs

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