OpenVSP 3.10.0 Released

OpenVSP Version 3.10.0

Just in time for SciTech, this release has been a long time coming. A few things had to be dropped at the last minute and there are a bunch more features pending in the wings… So expect more exciting releases in the near future.

There are no huge features this time, but enough significant changes to warrant the bump to .10. The FLTK graphics library has been updated to 1.3.4-1, the first stable FLTK release in years. The Angelscript scripting language has also been updated to the lastest version.

The clustering function for wings and propellers (LE/TE and root/tip) has been changed to one used widely by structured meshers. It gives more gradual point spacing growth resulting in much higher quality surface meshes.

The minimum clustering parameter is now 0.0001 instead of 0.0. Such a small value will likely be too small. You will need to play with existing models to get satisfactory results.

I’ve done some profiling to identify some slow spots and have made
changes to speed things up. Hopefully it is noticible, but results may
differ by platform.

There is also now an option to omit blunt airfoil TE panels from IGES/STEP surface export — I won’t name names, but users of a particular CFD meshing tool have asked us to add this option to make our surfaces less watertight.


  • Improved tessellation clustering function
  • Tessellation spacing quality metrics
  • Option to omit blunt TE patches from STEP/IGES surface export.
  • CFDMesh faster
  • FitModel faster
  • Propeller, wing, & fuselage components faster
  • Move CFDMesh to separate thread to improve console updating

Bug Fixes

  • VSPAERO integration fixes
  • CloseTE tolerance scales with chord to fix behavior on small models.
  • Tighten degenerate curve test in tesselation and surface export.
  • Fix PrintAnalysisInputs and PrintResults API functions
  • Fix bug editing propeller spline points

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