OpenVSP 3.8.1 Released

Propellers for all!

This release adds a new propeller component and fixes a pair of unrelated bugs. Though it may seem like a small change, the propeller component constructs its surface differently from other components. It represents a surprisingly large amount of work.

Instead of defining the blade shape (chord, twist) at specified stations, these are instead specified as continuious curves.

The propeller component comes with a bunch of related accessories — the blade activity factor is calculated on-the-fly, there is a one-click option to switch to a counter-rotating prop, propeller folding is built-in — with a user-defined fold axis, there is a blade element export/import capability, and the BEM data is available through the API.


  • New propeller component
  • Blade element import/export and API

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix DegenGeom crash on Matlab export
  • Fix GUI output of mass properties calculation

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