OpenVSP 3.7.0 Released

This version includes two significant new features that have been in the works for some time. These are the estimation of supersonic wave drag by the area rule and a capability to save sets of variable settings in a given model.

The wave drag capability has been much requested and long awaited. Since its demonstration at the 2015 Workshop, a number of slick improvements have been made. Thanks to Michael Waddington for all the work and to Sriram Rallabhandi for the C implementation of the Eminton Lord calculations.

The variable preset capability has a number of use cases; it allows you to save the model state and return to that state quickly and easily. Perhaps you have a model with takeoff, landing, and cruise configurations. Perhaps you adjust the tessellation for VSPAERO, but want different resolution for mass properties, and different again for Cart3D. Or, if you’re doing a design study, you may want to save the baseline model and different optimal solutions (weight optimal, fuel optimal, cost optimal, etc). Thanks to Bryan Schmidt for all the work on this feature.


  • Wave drag estimation by area distribution and Eminton Lord calculation
  • Variable presets for saving model state


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