OpenVSP 3.2.0 Released

OpenVSP 3.2.0 is the first feature release in a while — there is a lot of great stuff included to make it well worth the wait.

Check out the highlights video.

Blunt trailing edges — Wing section TE’s can now be blunt.  Airfoil files with a gap between the TE points will be left that way (re-read your files on existing models to get this behavior).  Airfoil curves can be modified to thicken or sharpen the TE; they can also be trimmed to blunt the TE.  The sharp corners have parameter values W=0.001 and 0.999, use these values when creating subsurfaces or attaching to the corner.

A negative volume flag has been added to components to cause them to poke holes in CFDMesh.  In all other cases, these components have normal behavior.  This should be useful for modeling engine flow-through.

Actuator disk support has been added.  The disk is described in DegenGeom for VSPAERO and a thin membrane is meshed in CFDMesh.  Some volume meshers should be able to mesh up to both sides of the disk.  The actuator disk is immune to negative volume, so you can put a disk in your flow-through duct if you want to.

VSPAERO has some great improvements as well.  Easy actuator disk integration, velocity surveys, and some load integration bug fixes.

Improvements and additions since 3.1.2:

  • Blunt TE airfoil support
  • Negative volumes for CFDMesh
  • VSPAERO auto-setup of actuator disks
  • VSPAERO field velocity survey calcualtions
  • Actuator disk component (example custom component)
  • Improved actuator disk integration with VSPAERO
  • Control surface subsurfaces
  • Drag-N-Drop for picking parameters
  • Save/Import for FitModel optimization problem formulation
  • Programmatic GUI for CFDMesh, Parameter Linking, CompGeom, and DegenGeom
  • Custom component support for actuator disk and negative volumes

Bug Fixes:

  • VSPAERO Fix some pressure integration bugs
  • Split symm plane to improve CFDMesh mesh quality with huge domains
  • Tweak tolerance for short intersection edges in CFDMesh
  • Set z-buffer distance dynamically to handle large models

One last note, with this version we also add two new developers to the team, thanks much to Brandon and Mitch for their contributions.

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