OpenVSP 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 includes many features and improvements in all corners of the program.  There should be something here for everyone, so go ahead and upgrade.

My favorite feature is the ‘r’ key.  Place the mouse over the model and press ‘r’ to change the center of rotation.

Many users will appreciate that we can now read both of the file formats used in the UIUC airfoil database.  Please let us know if you find any airfoil files in the database that you can’t read.

Users doing trade or optimization studies will want to check out the design and XDDM support.  These features should make it very easy to use VSP in your next design study.

In addition, there were a whole host of small fixes and improvements.  Some of these bugs were long standing and quite annoying — it is great to see them gone.

Major features of this version include:

  • User interface improvements
    • Add axis orientation arrows
    • Center view menu option (or c key)
    • Set center of rotation (r key)
    • Added help menu for mouse/key usage
  • Read Lednicer airfoil files from UIUC database
    • (in addition to Selig and VSP format airfoil files)
  • Add support for design files to facilitate trade/optimization studies
  • Add support for Cart3D Optimization Framework XDDM files
  • Wake improvements
    • Visualize wake
    • Write wakes to separate solid in STL files
    • Separately tag wake components in TRI files
    • Orient wake normals consistently

Bug fixes and minor features include:

  • Calculate viewpoints and add them to X3D files
  • Fix angle calculation for co-linear vectors
  • Make component ID’s persistent
  • Increase wake tag increment from 100 to 10000
  • Increase precision in XSec files
  • Fix rounded-tip flap/slat bug (
  • Prevent CFDMesh from adding lots of tiny triangles when short edges are forced by surface topology
  • Change ‘Twist’ label to ‘WashOut’ to better indicate sign convention
  • Use fast nearest neighbors to merge duplicate nodes
  • Expand propeller cone angle limits
  • Add test for Vorlax to prevent entry to VorView menu
  • Fix fuselage edit cross section bug (
  • Sane defaults for user views
  • Fix MSWing blended cross section bug
  • Increase file load speed by replacing dyn_array with deque in ms_wing

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