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2023 OpenVSP Workshop

The 2023 OpenVSP Workshop was held the week of August 7, 2023 at the Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) in Dayton Ohio. WBI is near Wright Patterson AFB, the home of AFRL.

AGM-129 Modeling Tutorial AGM-129 Alternate AGM-129 Rob McDonald
MQ-28 Modeling Tutorial mq28_images.zipMQ28 Model Brandon Litherland
Welcome & Overview Rob McDonald
Basics of OpenVSP (live) Brandon Litherland
Geometry Representation Rob McDonald
Attachment, Symmetry, Hinge, Set Brandon Litherland
Ongoing Support Rob McDonald
Advanced Wing Modeling Brandon Litherland
Skinning Explained Brandon Litherland
Advanced XSecs Rob McDonald
Integrated Flowpath Modeling Rob McDonald
CompGeom & CFDMesh Rob McDonald
Subsurfaces & Control Surfaces Brandon Litherland
Export to CAD and CFD Rob McDonald
Conformal Components & Snap To Brandon Litherland
VSPAERO Intro and Theory Rob for Dave Kinney
VSPAERO Recent Developments Rob for Dave Kinney
FlightStream Update Roy Hartfield & Vivek Ahuja Research In Flight
OpenVSP Under The Hood Rob McDonald
VSP to CHARM Automation Brandon Litherland
Landing Gear Position & Checks Jason Le
Variable Presets & Design Variables Brandon Litherland
Linking, Adv. Linking, & User Parms Brandon Litherland
Custom Components Rob McDonald
Automation with Python API and VSPSCRIPT Brandon Litherland
Structures Basics Rob McDonald
Structural Design Bryan Sandoz
M4 Structures Studio Update & Demo Thomas Nascenzi
Wave Drag Rob McDonald
Mass Properties Rob McDonald

All Workshop Presentations

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