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 ====== 2020 OpenVSP Workshop ====== ====== 2020 OpenVSP Workshop ======
-{{workshop20:niabldg11.jpg?600|}}{{workshop20:nia_location.png?300|}}+The 2020 OpenVSP Workshop was fully virtual (and free!) Please use the links below to stream all of the sessions Make sure to change the YouTube player quality to **1080p** by clicking the gear icon at the bottom-right corner of the video!
-**Announcing the 2020 OpenVSP Workshop hosted by NASA Langley Research Center!** 
-This year we are hosting the event at the [[|National Institute of Aerospace]] located at 100 Exploration Way Hampton, VA 23666. +==== Presentations ====
-Please save the dates of September 15-17, 2020 (Tuesday – Thursday).  We will likely also reserve seating for a social event in the evening. +
-The Workshop venue has a 65 person capacity so please send us your intent to attend early!+
-The arrangements for this year are similar to the 2015 Workshop.  **There are no registration fees!**   +^ Topic ^ Presenter ^ Video Link ^ 
-The NIA has kindly offered to handle lunches and refreshments Menu options from Jason's Deli (15 dollars/day) and Marco's Pizza (10 dollars/day) are shown in the Event Registration below Refreshments are 10 dollars/dayThe total is 70 dollars for all three days including three meals and refreshments ** Cash onlyplease.**  You also have the option of eating locallyif you wish Please choose "I plan on going out to eat locally.for the day in question Your meal choices will be documented with your registration and the appropriate funds will be requested at the event.+| {{workshop20:vsp-ws20_welcome_and_introduction.pdf|Welcome, Workshop Overview}}, and {{workshop20:welcome_overview.pdf|Introduction to OpenVSP}} | Brandon Litherland, NASA Langley \\ Rob McDonald, Uber | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:vsp-ws20_vsp_ground_school.pdf|VSP Ground School Overview}} | Brandon Litherland, NASA Langley | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| Basic Modeling, and Tips/Tricks | Brandon Litherland, NASA Langley | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:attachhingesymmetrysetsubsurface.pdf|Attach, symmetry, sets, subsurfaces}} | Rob McDonald, Uber |[[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:vsp-ws20_git_version_control.pdf|Git version control of VSP models and libraries}} | Brandon Litherland, NASA Langley |[[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:propeller.pdf|Prop Component Walkthrough}} | Rob McDonald, Uber |[[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:fit_model.pdf |Fit Model}} | Rob McDonald, Uber | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:parameter_linking.pdf |Parameter Linking }} | Rob McDonald, Uber | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:vsp-ws20_cad_cfd_interaction_and_advanced_modeling_techniques.pdf |CAD/CFD Interaction and Advanced Modeling Techniques}} | Brandon Litherland, NASA Langley | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:2020_openvsp_workshop_blaesser.pdf |Cart 3d Engine Modeling in OpenVSP}} | Nat Blaesser, NASA Langley | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:vsp_design_and_variable_presets.pdf |Design Variables and Variable Presets}} | Rob McDonald, Uber | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:parasitedrag_presentation.pdf |OpenVSP Parasite Drag Tool}} | Nick Brake, ESAero | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| Fit Model Advanced Demonstration | Rob McDonald, Uber| [[ |Video]] | 
 +| VSPAERO Theory, Validation, and Features | Dave Kinney, NASA Ames |[[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:vspaero_gui_tutorial_-_basics.pdf|VSPAERO GUI & Tutorial - Basics}} | Justin Gravett, ESAero |[[ |Video]] | 
 +| VSPAERO Recent Additions | Dave Kinney, NASA Ames |[[ |Video]] | 
 +| VSPAERO Output File Discussion | Brandon Litherland, NASA Langley |[[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:vspaero_gui_tutorial_-_advanced.pdf|VSPAERO GUI & Tutorial - Advanced}} | Justin Gravett, ESAero | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:2020_openvsp_workshop-high_fidelity_airliner_modeling_for_cfd_analysis-hahn.pdf|High-Fidelity Airliner Modeling for CFD Analysis: Tips, tricks, and lessons learned}} | Andy Hahn, Aircraft Conceptual Design Consulting | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:esaero_afrl_sbir_update.pdf|ESAero AFRL SBIR Update}} | Justin GravettESAero | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:vsp_workshop_2020_gust_modeling_-_research_in_flight.pdf|Flight-control Analysis, Gust Modeling, and Response of UAM Vehicles}} | Roy HartfieldFlightStream \\ Imon Chakraborty, Auburn University | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:esaero-uiuc_nasa_sttr_-_openvsp_workshop_2020.pdf|Demonstration of Autonomous Differential Throttle-based Flight Control for Aircraft with Distributed Electric Propulsion}} | Garrett Klunk, ESAero | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:building_openvsp_from_source.pdf|Building OpenVSP from Source}} | Justin Gravett, ESAero | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:openvsp_api_matlab-python_integration.pdf|OpenVSP API & MATLAB/Python Integration}} | Justin Gravett, ESAero | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:openvsp_structures_modeling.pdf|OpenVSP Structures Modeling}} | Justin Gravett, ESAero | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:m4_engineering_openvsp_workshop_2020_part_1.pdf|M4 Structures Studio: Overview and Updates}} | Tyler Winter, M4 Engineering \\ Thomas Nascenzi, M4 Engineering | [[ |Video]] | 
 +| {{workshop20:m4_engineering_openvsp_workshop_2020_part_2.pdf|M4 Structures Studio: UAM Demonstration}} | Thomas Nascenzi, M4 Engineering \\ Joe Robinson, M4 Engineering| [[ |Video]] | 
 +| Questions, Conformal Demo, and Closing Remarks | Rob McDonald, Uber | [[ |Video]] |
-Note that there will not be a reserved block of rooms for this event but that there are several hotels a short distance from the venue to suit your travel needs.+----
-The agenda will include presentations, tutorials, and recent and ongoing developments to OpenVSP updates. 
-Topics will range from introductory concepts to advanced modeling techniques, interconnectivity between OpenVSP and other tools, analysis and validation, and more! 
-Additional details will be sent out to registered participants and presenters as the Workshop approaches.  Information will be added to this page as the schedule is set.+Although the Workshop is closed, you may still provide feedback about the event/recordings through the survey below:
-[[| Click this link to register for the Workshop!]] -oruse the QR code below.  The registration survey password is "**VSPWorkshop2020**".+<HTML><script>(function(t,e,s,n){var o,a,c;t.SMCX=t.SMCX||[],e.getElementById(n)||(o=e.getElementsByTagName(s),a=o[o.length-1],c=e.createElement(s),c.type="text/javascript",c.async=!0,,c.src="",a.parentNode.insertBefore(c,a))})(window,document,"script","smcx-sdk");</script><a style="font: 12px Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #999; text-decoration: none;"> Create your own user feedback survey </a></HTML> 
 +If you like, you may also sign an attendance survey for this event.  This will help us get an idea of how many people we reached this year!  This survey is password protected.  Enter **#vspws2020** to fill out the form Thank you! 
 +[[| Link to Attendance Survey]] 
 Please email [[|Brandon Litherland]] if you have any questions about the Workshop. Please email [[|Brandon Litherland]] if you have any questions about the Workshop.
-We look forward to seeing you! 
-=== Past Workshop Presentations ===+=== All Workshop Presentations === 
 +[[workshop2022|2022 OpenVSP Workshop]] 
 +[[workshop2021|2021 OpenVSP Workshop]] 
 +[[workshop2020|2020 OpenVSP Workshop]]
 [[workshop2019|2019 OpenVSP Workshop]] [[workshop2019|2019 OpenVSP Workshop]]
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