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OpenVSP Workshop 2019


Topic Presenter
Welcome & Overview Rob McDonald Uber
Attach, symmetry, hinge Rob McDonald Uber
Automated Layout with a Python Integrated NDARC Environment (ALPINE) Chris Silva NASA Ames
Skinning explained Rob McDonald Uber
Creation and Analysis of High-Lift Components in OpenVSP Erik Olson NASA Langley
Advanced Wing Modeling Rob McDonald Uber
Higher-Order Design Environment (HOrDE) Erik Olson NASA Langley
OpenVSP Improvements by Uber Rob McDonald Uber
Method for Using Component-Based Geometry Engines with High-Fidelity Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Anil Yildirim UMich
VSPAERO V&V w/ sub-scale DEP aircraft Nick Brake ESAero
Electric Aircraft and OpenVSP - Innovation NASA SBIR Program Bruce Cogan NASA AFRC
Using OpenVSP to Design A Web-Based Virtual Aircraft Design Studio Joseph Thekinen and Jamey Laughland Stevens Institute of Technology
VSPAERO Theory, Validation, and Features Dave Kinney NASA Ames
VSPAERO GUI & HowTo -- Basics Nick Brake ES Aero
VSPAERO Recent Additions – unsteady, rotating frame, rotating parts, PSU-WOPWOP output, etc. Dave Kinney NASA Ames
ESAero AFRL SBIR Justin Gravett ESAero
VSPAERO GUI & HowTo – Advanced Nick Brake ESAero
VSP/CAD/CFD Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
OpenVSP Integration within SUAVE Emilio Botero Stanford University
M4 Structure Studio - Basics Tyler Winter M4 Engineering
M4 Structure Studio - Advanced Mark Sutton M4 Engineering
M4 Structure Studio - Demo Joe Robinson M4 Engineering
M4SS Trial/Example Follow-Along Mark Sutton M4 Engineering
VSP University Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
OpenVSP Structures Modeling Justin Gravett ES Aero
Parameter Linking Rob McDonald Uber
Conformal Components & Snap-To Rob McDonald Uber
OpenVSP API/Matlab Integration Nick Brake ESAero
OpenVSP Parasite Drag Tool Nick Brake ESAero
Git Version control of VSP models and libraries Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
FlightStream Flight Control Surface Modeling Vivek Ahuja/Roy Hartfield FlightStream
FlightStream Viscous Modeling & Results Vivek Ahuja FlightStream

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