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OpenVSP Workshop 2017


Topic Presenter
Welcome & Overview Rob McDonald
Introduction to OpenVSP Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
Basic modeling Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
Tour of main components Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
XSecs in detail Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
ESAero/UIUC STTR Update Jeff Freeman ESAero
USAF & NASA SBIR Wrapup Nick Brake ESAero
Attach, hinges, symmetry, sets, subsurfaces Rob McDonald
Skinning explained Rob McDonald
Conformal Components Rob McDonald
Advanced Wing Modeling Rob McDonald
VSPAERO Overview Nick Brake ESAero
VSPAERO GUI VLM Basics Nick Brake ESAero
VSPAERO Verification Testing Lucas Payne ESAero
VSPAERO GUI Advanced Nick Brake ESAero
OpenVSP Structures Justin Gravett ESAero
Propeller Folding and Fillet Construction Brandon Litherland NASA Langley
Parasite Drag Buildup Bryan Schmidt ESAero
Parametric Weight Analysis using OpenVSP Erik Olson NASA Langley
VSP CAD to Aero Loads with FlightStream Roy Hartfield Research In Flight
OpenMDAO/ModelCenter Plugin Jason Welstead NASA Langley
Using OpenVSP and VSPAERO with the OpenMDAO Environment Mark McMillin NASA Langley
OpenVSP in the NAVAIR Fixed Wing Conceptual Design Tool AJ Field NAVAIR
NDARC Integration Update Travis Perry US Army AMRDEC
M4 Structures Studio for OpenVSP Tyler Winter M4 Engineering
Transonic and Viscous Corrections to VSPAERO Daniel Chapparo NASA Ames
Advanced Parameter Linking Rob McDonald
Design Vars, XDDM, API, Scripting Rob McDonald

All Workshop Presentations

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