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OpenVSP Workshop 2015


Topic Presenter
Welcome & Overview Andy Hahn, NASA LaRC
OpenVSP & The Conceptual Design Process Andy Hahn, NASA LaRC
OpenVSP Modeling Strategies Andy Hahn, NASA LaRC
AFRL SBIR Update Ben Schiltgen, ES Aero
Structural Modeling and OpenVSP Trevor Laughlin, Laughlin Research
Physics-Based Conceptual Design Tools Myles Baker, M4
VSP to CFD With Pointwise Part II Zach Davis, Pointwise
Flightstream Panel Code Roy Hartfield, Flightstream
Flightstream Independent Validation Erik Olson, NASA LaRC
VSP to High Lift Prediction Erik Olson, NASA LaRC
Stallion 3D and OpenVSP Pat Hanley, Hanley Innovations
GoCart & Cart3D Colin Johnson, Desktop Aeronautics
Degenerate Metageometry Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Custom Components Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Fit Model Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
CFD Meshing Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Skinning Explained Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Design Files Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
VSPAERO Integration Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Wave drag Rob McDonald, Cal Poly

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