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OpenVSP Workshop v3

The 2014 OpenVSP Workshop (v3) was a grand success.


Topic Presenter
Welcome & Overview Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Aero Tool Validation Andy Hahn, NASA LaRC
Fit Model Preview Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
How OpenVSP Fits in the Design Process Andy Hahn, NASA Langley
Modeling Strategies Andy Hahn, NASA Langley
OpenVSP with AVL Erik Olson, NASA Langley
Symmetry, Attachment, and Subsurfaces Alex Gary, Cal Poly
Unconventional Design with OpenVSP and STAR-CCM++ Alex Stoll, Joby Aviation
USAF SBIR Work Plan Ben Schiltgen & Michael Waddington, ES Aero
OpenVSP File Types & Meshing Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
OpenVSP Skinning Explained Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
OpenVSP With GoCart Charles Schnake, Desktop Aero
Intro to GoCart & Cart3D Colin Johnson, Desktop Aero
Custom Components J.R. Gloudemans
Scripting & API J.R. Gloudemans
Flightstream Solver Roy Hartfield, Research in Flight
VSP to CFD with Pointwise Travis Carrigan, Pointwise

Example Files


The workshop presentations were recorded and can be replayed on-demand from the following site:

2014 OpenVSP Workshop v3 Recordings

Playback requires that Microsoft Silverlight be installed on the viewer's computer.

All Workshop Presentations

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