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Aerodynamic analysis is a crucial component in the path towards conceptual and preliminary aircraft design. Often a tedious task, the aerodynamic buildup of a configuration is typically one of the first items performed in all design phases and is essential for determination of aircraft performance. In order to improve the design process, a standalone tool which calls upon OpenVSP for geometry and manages the aerodynamic analysis and sensitivities has been constructed.

The Master Aerodynamic Tool interacts with internal modules and external codes in order to gather the necessary information to properly analyze a configuration’s aerodynamics. In other words, the Master Aero Tool acts as a liaison between OpenVSP, VSPAERO, and the various OpenVSP aerodynamic modules. The Master Tool can also create standard aerodynamic plots and plots defined by the user. The tool is able to perform quick sensitivity trades allowing, for example, the user to see aerodynamic performance changes with geometric changes in OpenVSP.


The three aerodynamic tools currently available in the Master Aero Tool are VSPAERO (induced drag), parasite drag, and wave drag. The execution of each tool can be selected from the Master Aero GUI, opened by clicking “Master Aero Tool…” from the Analysis drop-down menu. At the top left of the screen, the essential flow conditions for running each tool are available to the user. In addition, the reference area and lengths can be set under “Reference Area, Length”. These values can be propagated to all of the aerodynamic tools by clicking “Propagate To All Tools”. If more advanced settings are required, each tool’s icon can be selected to open its options menu where any desired parameters can be set. Executing the Master Aero Tool by clicking “Execute Selected Tools” enables a real-time status update to be displayed.

Following execution of the Master Aero Tool, results become available to plot or export. Both *.csv and *.m file formats are available for result exports. The Master Aero plot screen, opened by clicking “Plot Results”, has been setup similar to the VSPAERO results manager. However, the available data to display has been reduced to the essential parameters needed for aerodynamic buildup and analysis. X and Y data can be selected and plotted for any specified flow condition case. Also, the user may manually adjust the axis limits as desired, or select to only display data points.

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