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Drag Verification Builds

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Several aircraft were analyzed and compared to flight or wind tunnel data using the drag buildup workbook in order to find any errors in the drag computations. This allowed for many of the initial issues with the method to be determined and corrected and also gave the perspective of a “new user” so that any complications or confusion could be mitigated.

Below you will find the test cases and brief descriptions of each aircraft. The VSP files for each aircraft may be found at the OpenVSP Hangar

Cessna 210 NLF-0414F Wing Mod

This version of the Cessna 210 is a modified wing NASA study into the efficacy of a high percentage laminar flow wing. Wind Tunnel data was extrapolated and plotted along with the drag buildup curves to check for accuracy.

Cessna 210 Mod 7zip file
Cessna 210 Mod zip file
NASA Document on Cessna 210 NLF-0414F Wind Tunnel Tests

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