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Conformal Components

Introduced in OpenVSP v3.11.0, conformal components derive their shape from another component. Conformal components can be used for modeling wing fuel tanks, fuselage cargo pods, and similar internal features. In addition, conformal surfaces can be analyzed or exported using the existing methods such as Comp Geom.

To create a conformal component, a parent geometry must first be available. Once a parent geometry has been added to the Geom Browser, it should be selected. A conformal component is then created by selecting “Conformal” from the drop-down menu at the top of the browser and clicking “Add”. Multiple conformal surfaces can be created for a single parent surface. The conformal component should be visible as a child of the parent geometry.

If a conformal component is selected, the Conformal GUI should be visible. On the “XForm” tab, the “Symmetry” and “Attach to parent” sections will be disabled. This is because symmetry is inherited from the parent geometry, and the conformal component is attached to the parent. Similar to other component types, sub-surfaces may be added under the “Sub” tab. The “Design” tab is available for adjusting the offset distance and parameter trimming, as is demonstrated in the image below.

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