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 ====== 2020 OpenVSP Workshop ====== ====== 2020 OpenVSP Workshop ======
-Announcing the 2020 OpenVSP Workshop hosted by NASA Langley Research Center! 
-This year we are hosting the event at the National Institute of Aerospace located at 100 Exploration Way Hampton, VA 23666. +**The 2020 OpenVSP Workshop ​will be virtual this year!**
-Please save the dates of September 15-17, ​2020 (Tuesday – Thursday).  We will likely also reserve seating for a social event in the evening. +
-The venue has a 65 person capacity so please send us your intent to attend early!+
-The arrangements for this year are similar ​to the 2015 Workshop.  There are no registration fees!   +Given the challenges associated with travel, social distancing, and staying healthy and safe in the current COVID-19 environment,​ the OpenVSP Workshop organizers have determined that this year’s event will be moved to a fully online, virtual format.  ​We see this as an opportunity ​to reach those people ​and groups that normally cannot attend the workshop in-person due to travel issues or scheduling conflicts.  ​We hope that providing an open and free virtual event will enable increased participation among studentsteachers, industry professionals,​ and the International community.  ​There is wealth ​of knowledge and experience in this robust community and we would love to share that knowledge with the world. ​ To that end, we are opening our call for papers or presentations to include everyone interested. ​ If you are using OpenVSP to educate or in university design courses, tell us about your experiences. ​ If you have had successes or failures using OpenVSP in your work or hobbies, we’d like to hear about them.  If you have found new and interesting way to leverage OpenVSP to integrate into other tools or to streamline ​your processes, let us know.
-The NIA has kindly offered ​to handle lunches ​and coffee/​snacks for **$25 per day** ($75 total).  Cash onlyplease.  ​Note that there will not be reserved block of rooms for this event but that there are several hotels ​short distance from the venue to suit your travel needs.+
-The agenda will include presentations,​ tutorials, and recent and ongoing developments to OpenVSP updates. +**The Workshop remains scheduled for September 15-17 as before.**
-Topics will range from introductory concepts to advanced modeling techniques, interconnectivity between OpenVSP and other tools, analysis and validation, and more. +
-More details to follow!+
-Please email Brandon Litherland at [[]] if you are interested in presenting ​or attending. +We are evaluating all of our options to make this workshop a success including various virtual meeting and chat programs ​Microsoft Teams, Zoom Enterprise, and Facebook Live are among the options under consideration including various chat or instant messing software that will allow question and answer sessions in real-time ​Topics to be presented still range from introductory material to advanced modeling techniques as well as ongoing software improvements and feature additions This year we also hope to host live developer sessions where advanced users will walk you through building OpenVSP from the Git source and how to build and use the OpenVSP Python API.  Because this workshop can be managed as several individual meetings ​or stream events, attendees may pick and choose those topics that best suite their interests without having to commit to a full three-day workshop We will do our level best to ensure that similar topics are grouped accordingly so that you may join for a particular block of time without having to jump between days or morning/​afternoon sessions. ​ Of course, if none of the scheduled times work for you because of work or school commitments or international time differences,​ all of the sessions will be recorded and stored so anyone can access them at any time.  For any presentations or material that are distribution limited, special sessions can be arranged in those cases.
-We look forward ​to seeing ​you!+
 +We would like to pay a special thank you to the National Institute of Aerospace in Hampton, VA for their most welcome support in organizing this event and helping us make it a success.
 +We will keep everyone updated as we narrow down the options and structure for this year’s workshop. ​ Those that have already registered for the 2020 VSP Workshop will have their registration transferred to the new event and anyone that has offered to present material will be contacted with information on how to proceed.
 +Thank you all very much for your continued support of this great community and we hope to hear from you soon!
 +Please email [[|Brandon Litherland]] if you have any questions about the Workshop.
 +We look forward to seeing you!
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