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2013 VSP Workshop

The OpenVSP Workshop consists of presentations and tutorials by VSP developers and power users. Topics range from introductory to advanced model building, reports on cutting edge development, and work that real users are accomplishing with OpenVSP.

Topic Presenter
Welcome & Overivew Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Introductory & Advanced VSP Modeling Andy Hahn, NASA LaRC & Community Alex Gary, Cal Poly
VSP Hangar Guidelines Mark Moore, NASA LaRC
VSP Structural Analysis Module Armand Chaput, UT Austin
VSP Structural Analysis Module Tutorial Hersh Amin, UT Austin
Aero-Propulsive-Elastic Modeling Kevin Reynolds, NASA Ames
Degenerate Geometry Output Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
VSP File Types & Surface Meshing Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
CBAero Integration & Analysis Dave Kinney, NASA Ames
VSP to Cart3D Desktop Aeronautics
VSP 3.X Preview & API J.R. Gloudemans
Design files and XDDM Rob McDonald, Cal Poly
Cart3D Shape Optimization & PAI Steven Berguin, Georgia Tech
Cart3D Shape Optimization & Lift Distributions Alex Gary, Cal Poly
VSP ModelCenter Plugin Andy Ko, Phoenix Integration
Propulsion System Design with VSP Russ Denney, Georgia Tech
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