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-====== Variable Presets ====== 
-Variable presets is an OpenVSP feature that allows for a user to quickly and easily switch between different geometric configurations. This is accomplished by maintaining and applying sets of parameters for a model. One such use case is with a basic commercial jetliner: while the fuselage, wing, and tail dimensions of a Boeing 737-800 differ from those of a 777-300, the essential layout remains the same. With the ability to save the values of  fuselage diameter and length, wingspan, chord, etc. to a group labeled "​737-800",​ and a set of different values to "​777-300"​ one could model a single tube-and-wing design and use the saved parameter settings to switch between specific configurations. The ability to save sets of parameter values could also permit a "​Flight"​ set for in-flight geometry rotations and "​Stowed"​ set for stowed geometry rotations, drastically simplifying the process of changing the model'​s condition. ​ 
-For additional information,​ Bryan Schmidt'​s presentation at the 2016 OpenVSP Workshop can be viewed here: [[https://​​vsp|Open VSP Workshop 2016: Variable Presets Presentation]] 
-==== Variable Presets GUI ==== 
-The GUI is accessed by clicking "​Variable Presets..."​ in the Geometry pull down menu. At the top of the GUI, under "​Select Preset",​ saved parameters can be applied to a model. This section will be unavailable until the "​Create"​ tab is used to populate the available presets. First, the group and setting names must be added. Group is defined as a collection of parameters, while setting identifies the different values for the parameters within the group. Variables can then be added by selecting from the drop-down parm menus or by clicking, dragging, and dropping a parm into the Variable List. Once variables have been added, their values can be set on the "​Adjust"​ tab. The user can then switch between groups and setting under "​Select Preset"​ by choosing the desired and clicking the "​Apply"​ button. ​ 
-==== API and Scripting ==== 
-**void AddVarPresetGroup( const string & in group_name )\\ 
-void AddVarPresetSetting( const string & in setting_name )\\ 
-void AddVarPresetParm( const string & in parm_ID )\\ 
-void AddVarPresetParm( const string & in parm_ID, const string & in group_name )\\ 
-void EditVarPresetParm( const string & in parm_ID, double parm_val )\\ 
-void EditVarPresetParm( const string & in parm_ID, double parm_val, const string & in group_name, const string & in setting_name )\\ 
-void DeleteVarPresetParm( const string & in parm_ID )\\ 
-void DeleteVarPresetParm( const string & in parm_ID, const string & in group_name )\\ 
-void SwitchVarPreset( const string & in group_name, const string & in setting_name )\\ 
-DeleteVarPresetSet( const string & in group_name, const string & in setting_name )\\ 
-string GetCurrentGroupName()\\ 
-string GetCurrentSettingName()\\ 
-array<​string>​@ GetVarPresetGroupNames()\\ 
-array<​string>​@ GetVarPresetSettingNamesWName( const string & in group_name )\\ 
-array<​string>​@ GetVarPresetSettingNamesWIndex( int group_index )\\ 
-array<​double>​@ GetVarPresetParmVals()\\ 
-array<​double>​@ GetVarPresetParmValsWNames( const string & in group_name, const string & in setting_name )\\ 
-array<​string>​@ GetVarPresetParmIDs()\\ 
-array<​string>​@ GetVarPresetParmIDsWName( const string & in group_name )** 
-[[start|Back to Landing Page]] 
-This page was created and edited by:  --- //​[[|Justin Gravett]] 2017/12/06 12:00// 
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