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-====== Converting STL to TRI ====== 
-Although STL files have their weaknesses, it is sometimes useful to use them as an intermediary between VSP and Cart3D. ​ 
-Cart3D comes with the '​'​ script which automates the process of converting a STL file to a TRI file.  This script relies on the [[https://​​a/​​www/​admesh-htm|admesh]] program to infer the mesh connectivity and to fix any small problems with the mesh topology or geometry.  ​ 
-Admesh is an open source program which is not distributed with Cart3D or OpenVSP. ​ You must download, compile, and install it separately to use '​'​. ​ Go to the [[https://​​a/​​www/​admesh-htm|admesh web site]] to obtain the admesh source code. 
-To convert a STL file using '​',​ type the following command. 
-<​file>​ infile.stl outfile.a.tri 
-This will create the following files: 
-  - outfile.a.tri 
-    * Cart3D TRI file, without any component number tags.  This is a component file in the [[http://​​~aftosmis/​cart3d/​cart3dTriangulations.html#​1.%20Component%20file%20forma|Cart3D documentation]]. 
-  - 
-    * Intermediate triangulated surface file. 
-  - infile.comp.tri 
-    * Cart3D TRI file, including component number tags.  This is a configuration file in the [[http://​​~aftosmis/​cart3d/​cart3dTriangulations.html#​2.%20Configuration%20file%20format|Cart3D documentation]]. 
-    * This is the file which represents the geometry for the Cart3D analysis. 
-    * Copy this file to '​Components.i.tri'​ for analysis. 
-===== Next Steps ===== 
-Once the STL file has been converted and the mesh file has been re-named to '​Components.i.tri',​ continue to the [[TutSetup|Cart3D Setup Tutorial]]. 
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