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Cart3D Execution

The procedure for running Cart3D with an input file generated in VSP is essentially the same as running Cart3D with any other model. The only special care required is when setting the extent of the domain using 'autoInputs'.


In order to run Cart3D, you must have the following files in a directory where you want to run the analysis.


If you don't have the 'input.cntl' and 'aero.csh' configuration files, you can go back to the Cart3D setup page to find out what needs to be done for them, or you can use these links to download ready-to-go versions for this example.

If you don't have your geometry in a TRI format, you need to go back to either the Mesh generation or STL to TRI conversion steps of this tutorial and get your geometry in order.

Set Domain

The 'autoInputs' command is used to set the extent of the domain for Cart3D analysis. In this case, we are modeling a half-domain with a symmetry condition applied to the XZ plane. The following command will set the extent of the domain for analysis:

autoInputs -symmY -r 10.0

The directory will now contain two additional files which define the extent of the domain (input.c3d) and some prespecified adaptation regions in the domain (preSpec.c3d.cntl).


Run Cart3D

To run Cart3D with adaptation, simply execute the 'aero.csh' in the directory.

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