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 [[Install|Installation Instructions]] [[Install|Installation Instructions]]
-Presentation on some of the basics of drawing with OpenVSP {{ :wiki:getting_started_with_openvsp.pptx |}}+[[|OpenVSP Ground School Online Tutorial Program]]
-Google groups site for OpenVSP [[!forum/openvsp]]+[[AnalysisGuides|Guides to Engineering Analysis with OpenVSP]]
-[[Workshop2019|2019 OpenVSP Workshop Information]]+[[ModelingGuides|Guides to Modeling with OpenVSP]]
-[[PastWorkshops|Past OpenVSP Workshops]]+[[ImportExportGuides|Guides to Importing and Exporting Data to/from OpenVSP]]
-[[Papers|OpenVSP Publications]]+[[|API Documentation]] ([[|Download Zip File]])
-[[AnalysisGuides|Guides to Engineering Analysis with OpenVSP]]+[[!forum/openvsp|OpenVSP Google group]]
-[[ModelingGuides|Guides to Modeling with OpenVSP]]+[[workshop2021|2021 OpenVSP Workshop Information]]
-[[ImportExportGuides|Guides to Importing and Exporting Data to/from OpenVSP]]+[[PastWorkshops|Past OpenVSP Workshops]]
-[[API|API and Scripting]]+[[Papers|OpenVSP Publications]] 
 +Presentation on some of the basics of drawing with OpenVSP {{ :wiki:getting_started_with_openvsp.pptx |}}
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